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August 2023 In Entertaining

It’s an essential room in every home, and many have more than one – so, why are living rooms so important, and what does having more than one in your home mean for your lifestyle? Whether it’s getting together or seeking serenity away from the family, your living spaces can provide your family with more benefits than you may have considered.

Dennis Family Homes offer a large array of home design options, with many featuring more than one living room.

Functionality plays an important role in living rooms within a household, so depending on your family’s needs, maximising the space in one (maybe even three!) will benefit the whole family.

The Family Hub

Every home in Australia has a family room – even smaller apartments make sure to include one. The family room is the living area right by the kitchen and adjoining the family meals (dining) area. For many households with only one living space, it’s also the room where you come together to watch television, chat, relax, and share.

As displayed in the Onyx 242 in Clyde North, an open-plan living arrangement means the family room is the ideal space for everyone to gather after work and school, as adults can easily keep the kids in their sights as they prepare dinner. As one-third of your home’s hub, this room makes the perfect family zone for parents and children to get together and make memories by playing board games and catching up at the end of a long day.

As the main living space, the family room is also the perfect location for socialising. Discover the large family area in the Mortlake 294 in Lilydale, adjoining a large entertainer’s kitchen. The family room features the addition of a luxurious gas fireplace – perfect for cool winter evenings when getting together for a movie night with the family.

No home is better suited to entertaining than the Balmoral 384 as showcased at Clyde North, and its spectacularly large family room. With its plethora of floorspace and proximity to the kitchen and meals area, it’s the perfect place to celebrate life’s biggest events and holidays. After cooking and enjoying Christmas lunch in the Balmoral’s generous meals area, roll into the family room to decompress with a holiday-themed movie. The family room is a space for all occasions.

Relaxed Living

Entertain friends and family in a relaxed space where comfort is king. Whether you’re overflowing with children or technology, a leisure room is the perfect place to contain them.

Located adjacent to the allocated study nook, the leisure room in the Mortlake 294 is designed with television binging in mind. Against one wall sits a large, plush couch in perfect view of the screen and long curtains obstruct the natural light coming in from the window for the perfect dark space that all movie nights need.

Conveniently close to the family room and kitchen, the area is a perfect overflow creative space outside of the kids’ rooms where they can remain close to their parents and spread out their things without interrupting the rest of the household.

Living Flexibility

Larger homes with multiple living areas have the luxury of additional spaces that can be furnished to suit your lifestyle needs.

Often found at the front of the home, the living room is associated with a formal place to entertain and welcome guests and keep your best furniture. While the retreat and family room are great growing spaces for children, the living room is an exclusive, peaceful area for parents to catch up with friends over coffee.


If you’re looking for a space for the whole family to relax, give a pass to the family room and head to the retreat. While not all homes include an upstairs retreat, find the perfect space to relax and unwind in the Balmoral 384. With the area located in proximity to the children’s rooms, the retreat can be converted into a kids’ space where no creative activities are off-limits.

Designed and decorated with families in mind, the Clyde North retreat includes a built-in media unit consisting of essential storage for quick and easy tidying and organisation. A second chair placed beside the balcony is perfect for reading and relaxing by natural light.

Styling Your Home

Styling your living room as a quiet reading and reception space is as simple as choosing the correct furniture, as reflected in the display of the Balmoral 384 at Clyde North. Under the Retreat theme, this peaceful reception space includes a white couch and two cream chairs orientated to relax with a good book. A large mirror hung against the dark green wall (Haynes ‘Bay Berry’) extends the proportions of the room for a luxurious sense of additional space.

In the Onyx 242 located at Meridian Estate, the living room is styled in the timeless Scandinavian theme, adorned with organic materials and elements, and soft Nordic tones. Sitting opposite the large white couch is a television, an alternate styling option to the mirror and seating configuration in the Balmoral. The furniture in the Onyx living room provides a secondary living space and allows children or parents the chance to spread out away from the family area, while still enjoying the same features.

For more styling inspiration within a variety of colour schemes, browse our Living Room Design Ideas page. To build your own piece of Melbourne property, speak with the experienced staff at Dennis Family Homes today by visiting our website or contacting us.

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