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FAQs – National Construction Code Changes In Victoria

April 2024 In First Home Buyers

New homes will have improved access and energy efficiency under the changes.  1. What are the main changes in this update to the Code?  As a resident, you may notice the following changes:  A minimum 7 Star energy efficiency rating will increase thermal and energy efficiency. This may be through increased insulation, more efficient hot…

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Knockdown And Rebuild With The Balmoral Home Design

March 2024 In Knockdown Rebuild

Love the area you currently live in but need more space?   A Knockdown Rebuild with Dennis Family Homes is the solution. Continue to enjoy everything you love about your suburb and live in a brand-new home to suit your family’s evolving needs.  Dennis Family Homes’ Knockdown Rebuild specialists will support you throughout the application and build…

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Same address, just add your dream home and much-needed living spaces

September 2023 In Knockdown Rebuild

When you live in a location that suits your family and your lifestyle perfectly, but your home no longer works for you, there’s a solution that will provide you with the best of both worlds – the ability to craft the home of your dreams, with the benefit of the substantial savings that comes with…

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Knockdown Rebuild Testimonial – Rachel Francis

August 2023 In Knockdown Rebuild

When you have lived in an area for many years and your family’s lives are fully immersed in the neighbourhood, schools, and community, it’s always a difficult decision to know what to do when you have outgrown the family home. Do you look around the area for another home, knowing you don’t want to leave…

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Opulence In Knock Down Rebuild Laundry’s

July 2023 In Knockdown Rebuild

Though it is an essential room in any home, the laundry is often overlooked or taken for granted. Several factors make a great laundry, including layout, location, features, and design. Like any room in your brand-new home, Dennis Family Homes’ laundries showcase luxury and practicality through functional features and opulent finishes, all brought to life…

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Bliss and Brilliance with the Balmoral

May 2023 In Entertaining

Invest in your future with a Knockdown Rebuild by Dennis Family Homes. Keep the lifestyle you love by building a brand new luxury home on your existing land, while updating the amenities to lead your family well into the future. Built by a reputable Australian builder that’s here to stay. Discover the functionality and design…

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The Marsden: Where Functionality and Lifestyle Meet

May 2023 In Entertaining

When choosing your home design you’ll want to know two things, ‘Will this home be practical and functional?’ and ‘Will this home meet the needs of my family, now and into the future?’ With the Marsden 394 Series 4 by Dennis Family Homes, it’s a resounding YES, providing flexible family living via the clever use…

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An Entertainer’s Delight Starts with Open Plan Living

April 2023 In General News

Build your dream home without compromising on location with Dennis Family Homes and our Knockdown Rebuild process. Discover the potential of your current block of land with a modern home full of luxury amenities and the space to suit your large family and accommodate your social calendar. Why Choose a Knockdown Rebuild? Moving can be…

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The Finer Details in Your Knockdown Rebuild Bedroom and Wardrobe

March 2023 In Interior Design

If you have been thinking about upgrading your current home, but love the area where you live, luxury living across Melbourne can be a reality utilising your current block of land with Dennis Family Homes and our Knockdown Rebuild Specialists. Imagine creating your brand new, dream home and lifestyle while continuing to live in the…

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Take Your Rebuild to a Whole New Realm in 2023

February 2023 In General News

Rebuilding in Melbourne is made easy with Dennis Familly Homes and our Knockdown Rebuild service. Maximise your block with your dream home without having to leave the neighbourhood you adore. Why should you rebuild? If your family home is no longer meeting your needs, whether stylistically or practically, you may look to renovate or move.…

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Knockdown rebuild, renovate, or move? That is the question.

January 2023 In Knockdown Rebuild

What are the benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild? Knocking down your home and rebuilding can be an ideal way of achieving your dream home without having to compromise on your home design, which you often must do during the renovating design process. You don’t have the stress of managing trades and material supply as you…

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Alfresco entertaining all-year-round in your Knockdown Rebuild

December 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild

Australians are known for their love and appreciation of the outdoors and with one of the newest Dennis Family Homes designs, The Balmoral 503, displayed at Berwick Waters estate in Clyde North, the oversized Alfresco is a destination of its own, providing an opportunity to entertain outdoors, no matter the season, weather conditions or knockdown…

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The Riverton 414 Master Suite is a masterclass in luxury. Add a Touch of Master Suite Luxe to Your Knockdown Rebuild.

November 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild

A simple master bedroom is a thing of the past. From designing thousands of homes, Dennis Family Homes certainly know how to create a lasting impression! A carefully curated master suite is a perfect way to create a ‘wow-factor’, that you can enjoy daily. The master suite allows you to curate a personalised sanctuary. A…

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Savour the Moment With the 2022 Riverton 414 Home Design.

October 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild


Kitchen delivers the heart of the 2022 Riverton 414 design Meticulous home design is built from a family story. A footprint that provides the solutions for  your day-to-day living and for those special moments that bring your loved ones together to create a lifetime of memories. We believe the kitchen is the heart of every…

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There’s no better time to consider a Knockdown Rebuild.

August 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild

As with every property cycle, the market has experienced considerable growth over the last few years, which has been supported by a shortage of properties on the market, together with the fear of missing out and consistently low interest rates, which have in turn caused house prices to be at an all-time high. With current…

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Why planning your rebuild will help you move-in sooner

August 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild


Are you tired of not having enough storage space for the kid’s toys? Not having a separate study when you need to work from home, or that your parents can’t stay over due to the lack of a spare bedroom? If you’ve ever thought about undertaking a knockdown rebuild, there’s a good chance that your…

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Dennis Family Homes’ unparalleled Knockdown Rebuild Service

April 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild

Rebuilding a new home is a rare chance to watch a long-held dream come to life. At Dennis Family Homes, we know what a huge privilege and responsibility it is to help you create your forever home and welcome you to experience our unparalleled Knockdown Rebuild service. We look forward to working togther with you…

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Rebuilding a better life with Dennis Family Homes

December 2021 In General News


It’s often said that there’s no place like home. And that’s especially true when it’s a home you’ve chosen to satisfy your every need and it’s being built in your perfect location. It may sound like a dream, but at Dennis Family Homes we can help you bring this fantastic vision to life with our…

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