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We’re For Every Family

June 2023 In First Home Buyers

When looking to purchase your first home, you may hear the same advice repeated – ‘location, location, location’. Finding the perfect suburb, street, and lot on which to raise your family is the most important element. For families and first-home buyers, estates located across Victoria are the perfect areas to achieve the great Australian dream;…

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Aspire to Double Storey Living with the Santina 332

March 2023 In First Home Buyers

The latest Dennis Family Homes display to open at Katalia Estate, Donnybrook, showcases the best of Aspirations living in a luxurious home design. As the first double storey from the Aspirations range on show, the brand new design of the Santina 332 is a pure delight and provides a desirable, affordable living option that combines…

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Why rent when you can buy? The age-old housing debate.

February 2023 In First Home Buyers

    While renting in some outlying suburbs may be more affordable than paying off a mortgage, not having the stability of knowing how long you can stay past your lease, living with a colour scheme that’s not your taste, not being allowed pets or adding hooks to hang a favourite painting without consent, along…

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5 reasons why house and land packages make great investments

October 2018 In Investment

Looking to invest in property but unsure whether to build or buy established? Here are five reasons why a house and land package could be a great option.  1.   Choice  When you opt for a house and land package, you have all the control right from the beginning. From an investment point of view, this…

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The pros and cons of buying a display home

August 2018 In Investment

If you’re in the market to buy a home with plenty of space and style, a house and land package could be the answer. But before you sign on the dotted line, there is another alternative you may not have considered—buying a display home in Melbourne. As with any home purchase, there are various benefits…

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Property Potential: Why investors are returning to the Melbourne market

August 2018 In Investment

While it cooled off for a little while, we’re now seeing a resurgence of investors returning to the Melbourne property market. Here’s why… Strong population growth forecasts With the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimating the Australian population to be nearing 25 million people, there’s no question that Australia is growing fast—and Melbourne is leading…

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Market Update: Melbourne

April 2018 In Investment


Looking for a way to break into the Melbourne property market? Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening in the beautiful city by the bay. What’s happening in the Melbourne market While growth in many of the nations’ capital cities has slowed or even declined in recent months, performance in the Melbourne market in the December…

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Why building a new home could be a great investment

February 2018 In Investment

If you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property, you’ve no doubt been weighing up the pros and cons of buying an established property compared to building something new. While there are various benefits to both options, if you’re looking for something that is low maintenance and appealing to renters, while offering a range of tax…

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Wodonga Leads The VIC Regional Property Boom

November 2016 In Investment

Whether you’re looking for a sea change, a place to settle down in retirement, or just a place to experience true community values and easy country living, Wodonga should perhaps be at the top of your list. Nestled along the Murray River right at the border of New South Wales and Victoria  and closely joined…

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Should You Buy A Home Or An Investment Property As Your First Property Purchase?

September 2015 In General News

Gray haired middle aged man reading newspaper in cafe on weekend.

Buy-to-live, or buy-to-rent-out? It’s a question being faced by many, and as the property landscape continues to change rapidly every year, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a rental property first, or a home to live in. To help get you thinking about which might be the right…

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