Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is one of the key places in your home where your family and friends come together. It's a place to relax, play and entertain, so it should not only be inviting and comfortable, but also well decorated.

Whether your new home has a formal living room, a family room, or both, you will find all the inspiration you need with our collection of beautiful living room design ideas – all expertly crafted by our team of experienced interior designers.

The great thing about your living room is that you can really showcase your unique style, while also creating a practical space that suits your lifestyle. We know interior design trends come and go, but the living room is one area where that does not need to be a problem – simply change up a few pieces, like cushions, a throw rug and some artwork can once again put you back on trend.

The living room is also a great place to experiment with bold colour palettes and furniture. There are some fabulous living room design ideas out there, no matter your taste or budget, so it pays to really consider your living room furniture carefully. After all, the couch and coffee table will be some of the most used furniture in your home!

Depending on the floorplan of your home, your living room may be a totally separate space, or it may be part of a larger open plan living area, alongside the kitchen and dining room. No matter what the layout is, there are plenty of living room design ideas that you can incorporate, just by making smart use of the space. If your home is open plan and you want to create a dedicated living room 'zone', consider an L-shaped couch or perhaps two couches set up on right angles, to clearly define the living space. That way you are close to the action but have a dedicated place to unwind.

Other fantastic living room design ideas to think about include wallpaper, feature lighting, window furnishings and maybe even a fireplace. Simple décor pieces like a large indoor plant or a beautiful vase of flowers can also make all the difference! And of course, no living room is complete without a statement rug, to really bring the room to life.

We hope you are inspired by our stunning collection of living room design ideas and that they may spark some ideas for your new home!