New Home Building Process

Getting to know you

  • 01. Let's Talk

    Before we get started, we’d like to get to know you better so we can understand what is most important to you. We need to find out what you want in your home, and what you don’t want, so that we can create a home that is just right for you and your family.

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  • 02. Choosing the perfect home for you

    Once we’ve discovered your individual needs and matched those needs to one of our award winning floorplans, we’ll provide you with an initial summary of estimated costs.

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  • 03. Deposit

    At this stage, we need to finalise a lot of details to ensure all paperwork is in place, so that we can present you with an initial estimate of costs. Then you will need to provide an initial deposit. This will secure the current pricing of your home, and any relevant promotional offers.

  • 04. Personalising your new home

    This is the fun part! It is now time to personalise the look and feel of your new home, and choose your style from a huge selection of colours and fixtures at your Colour Consultation!

  • 05. Contract

    At this stage, we will present your building contract and working drawings for your approval. We will talk you through all the details and explain all contract documentation including costs, any variations made, plans and additional approvals that may be required.

  • 06. Preparing for site start

    Before we start the build, we need to ensure everything is in place.
    This includes applying for your building permit, confirming other necessary paperwork, completing final working drawings and supplier orders.


  • 07. Let’s get building

    Congratulations! We are now ready to start the construction of your new home! We will arrange a pre-construction briefing with your Building Supervisor, to discuss the build plan, review and confirm your selections.

  • 08. Base Stage

    In preparation for base stage, we need to make the final site preparations, finalise the exact positioning of your home, set foundations and complete under slab services. Before the slab is poured, the relevant Building Surveyor will also need to inspect and sign off these works. Then, we can pour the slab and the first stage is complete!

  • 09. Frame Stage

    During this stage, we will build the wall frames and erect the roof trusses. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to see the outline of your new home!

  • 10. Lock-up Stage

    At the lock-up stage, the outside of your home will start to come together.
    We will complete roofing and brickwork, install external windows and doors, and begin installing concealed services like plumbing and electrical inside your home.

  • 11. Fixing Stage

    It’s now time for the inside of your home to take shape. At this stage we will install the plaster to internal walls and ceilings, install cabinetry throughout, and install skirting boards, architraves and internal doors.

  • 12. Final Stage

    It is now time for the final fit out of your brand new home! We will complete painting and tiling, plus the installation of concealed services. We will also install door furniture, shower screens, mirrors, plumbing fixtures and stone benchtops (if provided). Our team will arrange for an inspection by the relevant Building Surveyor to approve an Occupancy permit, and then your Building Supervisor will present your new home to you!


  • 13. Settlement & Final Handover

    Your new home is complete! We will conduct a final Dennis Family Homes Quality Assurance check, followed by the final walk through and presentation of your beautiful new home. You will need to ensure you have your house and contents insurance organised, and that your final payment has been cleared on the day of settlement.

  • 14. Service

    Six months after settlement, a scheduled service takes place, just to make sure all is as it should be. This will be conducted by a member of our Service Team.

  • 15. Satisfaction

    It is now time to put your feet up and relax in your brand new Dennis Family home, knowing that you have made the best decision for your family. We know you will be satisfied with your new family lifestyle, and we will be satisfied that we have built a quality home for you and your loved ones to share for many years to come.