Knockdown And Rebuild With The Balmoral Home Design

March 2024 In Knockdown Rebuild

Love the area you currently live in but need more space?  

A Knockdown Rebuild with Dennis Family Homes is the solution. Continue to enjoy everything you love about your suburb and live in a brand-new home to suit your family’s evolving needs. 

Dennis Family Homes’ Knockdown Rebuild specialists will support you throughout the application and build process, offering guidance along the way.  We have decades of experience helping families get into their dream homes in a location they adore.  Our team is well-versed in the entire Knockdown Rebuild process, keeping you in the loop every step of the way with exceptional attention to detail. We’ll ensure your rebuilding journey is seamless. 

From a free site inspection to building permits and final construction. Our team will be on hand to answer any questions and guide you through the details. 

Same Address. Stunning New Home.  


Select your new home from a strong range of designs created for new and growing families, including the popular Balmoral Home Design. Ranging from 37 to 50 squares squares, this design is Dennis Family Homes’ largest home. It’s favoured among Knockdown Rebuild customers upgrading their living space to suit an expanding family. 

This Inspirations Series home includes three living rooms on the ground floor, a retreat space on the second floor, and a generous master suite with an attached dressing room. Packed with luxury features, this design has five children’s bedrooms – each with a walk-in robe and ensuite.  A guest suite on the ground floor allows you to easily host additional family members. 

Unique to Dennis Family Homes’ design range, the Balmoral suite of floorplans feature a grand staircase at the rear of the home among the primary living room.  This is luxury at its finest.


Key Considerations When Buying Land in Urban Suburbs for Rebuilding 

Building a new home on your existing block involves navigating a range of local regulations. Council and planning regulations are established to maintain the quality and characteristics of the neighbourhood you’ve grown to love. These regulations can specify that new homes and construction adhere to existing standards, architectural styles, and the community atmosphere. 

While these can seem frustrating, they are important to maintaining the look and feel of the overall neighbourhood. The local council requirements for your neighbourhood can be found by visiting their website. Many council websites supply essential information, including the Planning Scheme, which outlines how the land can be used and any overlays or controls on the land.  Alternatively, call the local council office and speak to a customer service representative or planning officer. These may include setback distance requirements for homes from the property boundary, building height restrictions, site coverage, sewer connection, and adherence to town planning rules. 

Before construction, confirm the dimensions of your desired new build.  The Balmoral 504 suits lot widths of at least 14 metres and lengths of 32 metres.  Setback distances may affect your property’s suitability for outdoor amenities, including garden landscaping or a pool. Navigating environmental impacts, including existing trees on your property and those of neighbouring lots, can form a significant part of the planning process for your rebuild. These factors can influence anything from the design of your home to its positioning on your lot. 

Research online to gain an initial understanding of the surrounding blocks and any features they have that could influence your final design. 

Budgeting Guide for Knockdown Rebuild Projects 

Planning for your Knockdown Rebuild project involves more than simply choosing a home design and setting aside construction costs. Financial planning and budgeting are essential to ensure your build continues without a hitch and you are prepared for any unexpected costs. It’s important to understand how to arrange your finances before you begin construction, including property valuation, which can determine the funds required for budgeting or borrowing from the bank. Where possible, seek professional and independent financial advice or talk to your financial provider. 

There are several additional costs that prospective home builders overlook. The most common, but often overlooked costs include application fees for electricity supply to the lot, which may involve excavating an underground pit. Before your Knockdown Rebuild project begins on your property, permits, consent (dispensation) and approvals from the local council are required. The cost of these permits and fees can vary depending on the location and scope of your build. Buying land in established neighbourhoods may involve tree and vegetation removal. Existing foliage can cause structural and planning issues for new builds. 

Conducting any construction on your property worth more than $10,000 requires an asset protection levy. The levy amount can vary and may be as much as $2,000. A security payment may also be required. Planning a Knockdown Rebuild requires the demolition of a current building. Demolition costs can vary depending on the size and location of the existing structure, the removal of materials, and any surrounding elements. A driveway is an essential element of your home, providing easy access for vehicles and additional parking. The surface of a driveway can vary and incur further costs. A vehicle crossing permit may also be required, involving additional fees. 

Your Knockdown Rebuild Specialist will assist you with managing these fees and provide you with a budgeting guide for your rebuild project. Our advice serves to ensure a smooth journey towards building your dream home. 

Build with Confidence in Melbourne’s Southeast 

Backed by the diversified assets of Dennis Family Group and with over five decades of experience, Dennis Family Homes is set to help you build your Knockdown Rebuild home with confidence. 

With over five decades of experience and backed by the diversified assets of Dennis Family Group Entities, we’re ready to help you build with confidence.

Rest assured that our heritage, homes, and commitment to quality is here to stay with Dennis Family Homes.

Speak to one of Knockdown Rebuild Specialists today.

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