What makes a perfect Study Nook?

December 2023 In Interior Design

With the rise of remote work and virtual classrooms, study nooks have become an increasingly popular feature in modern homes.

These dedicated spaces only take up a small amount of room and provide the perfect spot for students and professionals to focus on their work. What’s more, they can fit into almost any spot within the home: from the bedroom to the kitchen to the spot underneath the stairs—provided there’s enough room!

This versatility is part of what makes study nooks so appealing. They can be set up in a closed space, separated from the rest of the house by a door or sliding screen, or they can incorporate into an open hallway. In terms of style, they can blend in seamlessly with the décor, or they can provide contrast and serve as a stylish centrepiece. They’re highly customisable and can be adapted as you see fit.

Setting up a Study Nook

The great thing about study nooks is that you don’t need much space to accommodate them. A space of about 2.3 x 1.6 metres will be enough for a large desk, bookshelf, and plenty of legroom, but even 1.5 x 0.9 metres can accommodate a desk-and-chair combo.

Fitted desks are also a great touch for study nooks in hallways and living rooms; it helps them feel like a part of these spaces instead of a tacked-on feature. Enclosed by walls or furniture, it feels much more like a private space: somewhere children can sit down to do their homework and parents can type up their latest business report in peace.

Floating shelves are another common feature. Having a place above the desk to stack books and trays is great for organisation and allows more space for lights, screens, and laptops.

Finally, a comfortable chair for the study nook will be essential. Nobody wants to spend hours at a time hunched over their work; but a padded chair that supports the natural curve of your spine is a quick remedy for this. Even better, it’ll turn your study nook into somewhere you want to go.                                           

Design ideas for Study Nooks

Study nooks are often set up to match a home’s interior design, and this makes them a pretty safe addition to most decors. That being said, it doesn’t take much to make them stand out—even some black accents or vintage vibes will add plenty of character.

This also comes through in the different design styles that can be used for a study nook, some of which include:

  • Contemporary: A sleek, minimalist style that emphasises clean lines and a neutral colour palette. The desk might use natural or painted wood, but the most important thing is that it communicates a subtle aesthetic.
  • Boho chic: Soft earthy tones and macramé wall hangings can help imbue your study nook with a calm, bohemian aesthetic. Decorative plants and hanging beads can also do a lot to bring the whole look together.
  • Classic: Less common is the study nook that uses mid-century modern furniture. A walnut desk, built-in bookshelves and other classic pieces are common features. Warm, muted colours and rich wood tones also characterise this style.

Ultimately, study nooks can be adapted to a wide range of different styles, from industrial designs that mix wood and metal to a more rustic nook set against a brick wall. The choices are endless.

The range at Dennis Family Homes

The builders at Dennis Family Homes have a stunning range of home designs from both their Aspirations and Inspirations series that incorporate study nooks.

This includes the Onyx 242, which features a cosy study nook close to the kids’ room. Designed in the popular, contemporary style, it blends well with a variety of colour schemes and can fit any customisation you choose.

Also in the Aspirations, we have the Brookdale 243 and Morrison 252. These simple, quality homes each take a different approach, with the Brookdale incorporating an open-plan study nook into the kitchen and family room, and the Morrison allocating space for a small nook opposite the alfresco area.

Then there’s the home designs in the Inspirations series, a premium range of home designs with luxury fixtures. The Hastings 293, a new entry in this series, has room for a dedicated home theatre as well as a study nook, making it the perfect home for work and play.

Other designs in the series are just as expansive. The Eden 293 features a games room, a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, and a study nook with a view to the portico. The Olinda 263, with a slighter bigger living room, makes space for its study nook in the hallway.

Customising your nook with Dennis Family Homes

Building with Dennis Family Homes means that you’ll get to personalise the look and feel of whichever design you choose. Whether you want a light colour scheme to suit a contemporary study nook, or rustic theme for a more writerly space, our colour consultants can help you find the right combination of fixtures and colours to match what you have in mind.

More importantly, you’ll be choosing a home design that already includes the study nook. This ensures that the nook will be in harmony with the rest of your home, and there won’t be any complicated process where it’s added on later. This attention to detail is how Dennis Family Homes has built 30,000 homes and maintained its stellar reputation.

In fact, Dennis Family Homes make it incredibly easy to build with confidence. As part of the Dennis Family Group, they have financial security through a diverse portfolio of assets and more than 55 years of experience to their name.

If you’re interested in learning more about the building process and would like to learn more, the Dennis Family Homes is always happy to talk. They can be contacted online or over the phone on 1800 336 647.

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