Mancaves for DAD!

September 2023 In Entertaining

Moving into a brand new home marks the perfect opportunity to say thank you to Dad for everything he does. A mancave is a room or space where Dad can relax and enjoy his favourite pastimes in peace, away from the rest of the household. Almost any room can be turned into a great mancave where Dad can unwind.

We’ll look at the best rooms in the home to convert into a space exclusively for Dad, and everything you’ll need to fit out the room to best suit his hobbies.

Master the garage.

Garages are useful, overlooked spaces that are taken up with an overflow of objects and seasonal decor from inside the house. It’s also a great space to create a great mancave.

Visit the Cosgrove 332 and Venetia 252, Dennis Family Homes’ latest displays located in Bendigo. On display, you’ll find two generous double garages which each provide the opportunity to fit one car and still have space left over for Dad to enjoy his hobbies.

Fit out the garage with decor perfectly suited to his interests. For an avid sports fan, a large television and some comfortable chairs create a relaxing room to enjoy the action. Music lovers will enjoy the additional space to spread out and make noise with their instruments without disturbing the rest of the household. Complete his mancave by laying a rug on the floor to incorporate warmth into the space, hide unsightly cables, increase acoustics, and absorb additional sound. Add a fridge for drinks and snacks and he’ll never want to leave! Decorate the space with decor according to his interests to make the garage feel like another cozy great room in the home.

With an internal door to the rest of the house and a large external entry point, the garage is conveniently placed for all Dad’s entertaining and noise-making activities.

Retrofit a spare bedroom.

The best gaming rooms only require a few key elements for success; a supportive chair, a large desk, and great electrical gaming equipment are all you need. With five bedrooms in the Cosgrove 334, you’re bound to find the perfect room to create the ultimate gaming mancave. In addition to great space, each spare bedroom includes a walk-in robe with convenient storage for all his gaming equipment, accessories, and any snacks.

Similarly, the Venetia 252 features four spacious bedrooms, with robes for a great PC gaming room. To reduce screen glare and maximise the gaming experience, select a room with minimal natural light or install block-out curtains. Alternatively, a large television and comfortable couch may be all Dad needs to relax and immerse himself in his favourite video games.

Embrace the outdoors in an alfresco space.

With summer fast approaching, great weather means the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors is once again on the horizon, and there’s no better place for Dad to be this summer than in a purpose-built alfresco.

Getting together with friends and family is a great way to celebrate holidays and make the most of the sunshine. As displayed within the Cosgrove 332, the large alfresco space was designed for Dad to embrace good times with great company thanks to a large outdoor dining table with seating for six, and a large barbeque – the star of the outdoor entertaining hub.

Located only a short walk from the large kitchen and with ample counter space on either side, preparing a traditional Australian summer barbeque spread is a breeze. It’s a great space for Dad to relax and entertain in the sun or to prepare a great feast to be enjoyed while watching his favourite sports games in the games room.

Kick back in the games room.

Inside and overlooking the alfresco space, the games room is a luxuriously large and versatile area that can accommodate any of Dad’s hobbies.

Furnish this mancave with a coffee table and cozy couch opposite a television or blank wall for a projection of Dad’s favourite movies. This layout is perfect as a great gaming or sports room, and as it’s within a short walk to the kitchen, no additional fittings or furniture are required to ensure Dad has everything he needs for a long stay.

The right home décor can seamlessly alter the mood of a room, and Dad’s space should be a relaxing place where he’s immersed in what he loves. Connect the games room with the rest of the interior design scheme through consistent wall colours, soft furnishings, and furniture materials. Weave in his interests without making any permanent changes through framed posters, images, and personal touches.

When building your brand new Venetia 252 home, select the option of a door to the games room for sound control and added privacy for Dad to complete this luxurious space he’s sure to cherish.

Browse the brand new Venetia 252 and Cosgrove 334 designs today, on display at 9 & 11 Imagine Drive, Strathfieldsaye in Bendigo.

For more information on building with Dennis Family Homes, visit us online or call us on 1800 336 647.

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