14 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

December 2015 In Technology, Gadgets & Electronics

When you think of the NutriBullet, Glad Wrap and your trusty pizza cutter it’s hard to imagine domestic life without them. But once upon a time these fairly recent inventions would have been deemed a farfetched luxury… just ask your elders!

These days, inventors seem to have gone into overdrive, creating an array of gadgets that are relatively simple in design but incredibly functional. In other words, gadgets that you wouldn’t even know you needed until you saw them.

In this post we take a look at some of the latest and most resourceful kitchen gadgets and utensils from around the web. You’ll be well on your way to having the cleanest, most efficiently run kitchen in the suburb with some of these handy and impressive inventions in your new home.

1) This streamlined looking machine is called the Somabar and is the world’s first app controlled bar tender. It can create your favourite cocktail in seconds making it the ultimate Friday night companion.

cocktail maker

Source: Somabar

2) Ever dreamt of being an artistic barista? Now you can be with Cinnibird, the first and only kitchen gadget that allows you to decorate your food, desserts and coffee with ground cinnamon, instant cocoa powder and more.

coffee topper

Source: Cinnibird

3) Coffee lovers listen up. Minipresso allows you to prepare shots of espresso that you can enjoy on-the-go. It’s small, lightweight and requires no batteries or electricity for operation.

espresso machine

Source: Minipresso

4) Continuing with the coffee theme, if you prefer to enjoy a brew in the comfort of your own kitchen then TopBrewer might be more your style. It is quite literally a coffee tap that holds the smallest milk foamer in the world. With a simple touch of your smart device you can make your favourite fresh coffee in seconds.

coffee tap


5) Perfecting the crunchiness of toast is one of life’s great challenges but with Vision Toaster it’s a challenge no more. With clear side panels you can watch your bread toast and rescue it just before it’s about to burn.clear toaster

Source: Vision Toaster

6) Now you’ve got the perfect toast, how do you stop it from ripping when you spread the just-out-of-the-fridge butter? With the SpreadTHAT! of course. This razor thin layer of titanium softens butter for smoother spreading by carrying warmth from the palm of your hand to the edge of the blade.

hot butter knife

Source: THAT!

7) A new wave of app technology is making healthy eating a lot easier than it once was. The Prep Pad is a prime example – it acts as your personal nutritionist allowing you to keep a log of what you’re eating and track how balanced and healthy your diet is.

food scale

Source: Williams-Sonoma

8) A great way to stop your food going stale is with the EVAK This brilliant alternative to Tupperware (which traps stale air) automatically pushes air out as you force down the valve and keeps your edibles fresher for longer.

vacuum food containers

Source: prepara

9) There’s nothing better than enjoying a pub beer that’s finished off with a perfect head of foam. Now you can save your pennies and create the same effect at home with the Beer Foamer. The beer is whisked around in a shatterproof container leaving you with soft, dense foam that you just pour into your glass.

beer foamer

Source: Design Milk

10) Germs can spread easily in the kitchen especially from your bin. You can avoid transferring nasty bacteria with the EKO sensor bin whose lid will open via an intelligent sensor mechanism so you can store and remove rubbish cleanly and easily.

sensor bin

Source: Freedom

11) Imagine how good it would feel to know your dinner is already cooking while you are busy at work. The people at Crock-Pot know exactly how good so they created a slow cooker which allows that to happen using a free app. You can also adjust temperatures or turn off, and get home to a perfectly cooked meal ready when you want it.

slow cooker

Source: Amazon

12) Avoid letting your ice cream go soupy this summer with ChillTHAT!, an innovative bowl that uses a chilled reservoir to help keep its contents frozen. Store it in your freezer to lift out on a hot summers day and make melted ice cream a thing of the past.

cold bowls

Source: THAT!

13) Wheat based pasta is so last year – now you can make your own, much healthier version with the Paderno Spiralizer. This simple to use machine creates spiral ribbons of vegetables for you to enjoy on their own or as an addition to salads and stir fries. It’s a great way to embrace the current health-food trend for raw zucchini “noodles”.

veg spaghetti maker

Source: Williams-Sonoma

14) The electronic SmartShopper organiser allows shopping lists to be made minus the messy scrawls on the back of an envelope. Simply push the record button, say the name of the product you want to add, as and when you realise you need to replenish it and when you’re next heading out to the shops, hit the print button for a ready-made shopping list.

shopping list creator


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