There’s no better time to consider a Knockdown Rebuild.

August 2022 In Knockdown Rebuild

As with every property cycle, the market has experienced considerable growth over the last few years, which has been supported by a shortage of properties on the market, together with the fear of missing out and consistently low interest rates, which have in turn caused house prices to be at an all-time high.
With current property pricing starting to level off due to rising interest rates, lower levels of buyer and consumer confidence, increasing inflation, affordability, and the cost of living rising, many savvy consumers are turning to other housing options when considering upgrading their homes.
Borrowers ahead in their mortgage repayments, now having considerable equity available thanks to years of lower interest rates are reassessing their buying options when looking for a new home. Happy with the suburb they live in, but realising the ongoing shortage of properties for sale or rent means available housing is tracking at a steady incline, especially with immigration open again, many are recognising the benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild solution.


So, what does it mean for the Knockdown Rebuild market?

Looking at a Knockdown Rebuild option means utilising your current land and building your new dream home without all the added expenses of Stamp Duty and real estate agent fees. And with levels of buyer confidence now plateauing, several property experts might suggest if you’re wanting to maximise your return, now is not the time to sell your existing home.
Alternatively, for savvy property investors, the strategy of buying an established home in a down-market and commencing a Dennis Family Homes Knockdown Rebuild , may present an opportunity to work with the market and profit when the property market picks up again.


What are some of the Knockdown Rebuild benefits?

After building thousands of new homes, we are confident no one ever regrets starting new and living in their dream home.
The equity in your existing home could allow you to redraw on your mortgage to finance your knock down rebuild, capitalising on the land value and the projected value of the home upgrade.
And with a Knockdown Rebuild, not only are you capitalising on the land dollar value, with careful planning and design selection, you also have a ‘blank canvas’ to work with to maximise your block and building envelope opportunities to add the best of functionality, flexibility, sustainability, and luxury finishes to your dream home.

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Whether you are looking for a new dream family home, or the opportunity to invest in the current market for profit, you can build with confidence knowing your Knockdown Rebuild is built by an award-winning market leader.

As a family building homes for families with an emphasis on quality and affordability, when you trust Dennis Family Homes to build your dream home, you can be assured you are in the hands of an experienced Australian family-owned and operated business underpinned by over six decades of experience and success in the construction industry, who over 30,000 families have also trusted to make their dream house feel like home.

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