Your Guide to Creating a Relaxation Getaway at Home

July 2020 In Interior Design

During these uncertain times, our homes are serving many different purposes. Not only are they our safe spaces to relax and unwind with our families, but they’ve also turned into our workplaces and gyms as well! 

When working from home, it’s so important to carve out time to relax at home and step away from our laptops. This can be difficult to do with the obligations of children, household chores and your regular work, but there are many little things you can do to create a lovely space for you to unwind and de-stress in. 

It’s never been more important to take care of our health and wellness than at this time, so take a look at our guide to how you can create a relaxing getaway within your home. You’ll be able to chill out and relax at home after taking these small actions – go on, you deserve it!

1. Have a warm bath

There really is nothing better for relaxing at home than a luxurious, warm bath using all your favourite products from bath bombs to bubble bath. Your bathroom should be a heavenly sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a long day sitting in the home office. You can use epsom salts to ease tired muscles, lavender oil to calm anxiety, or a fun bath bomb to get fizzy and wash away the day. Relaxing at home has never been easier (or cleaner!)

2. Light candles

Candles add tranquility and a sense of purposeful relaxation to any home environment. The light level that candles provide is ideal for setting our brains to ‘relaxation mode’, and sometimes even the act of lighting a candle itself can feel therapeutic! 

Stock up on candles in a variety of sizes in your favourite scents and place them around your bedroom, bathroom or lounge room for some quality relaxation time at home. Just remember to be safe and blow them out when finished!

3. Burn incense 

Incense is used for aromatherapy, meditation and different kinds of ceremonies all over the world. Bring some of this fragrant relaxation into your home by lighting incense sticks or cones in areas where you’ll be spending your relaxation time. There are thousands of different types of incense, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fragrance for sending you into dreamland. 

4. Embrace your inner Marie Kondo

Is there anything more therapeutic and relaxing than getting rid of excess clutter? Clear your space (and your mind) by spending some time getting rid of the things you no longer need to improve your time relaxing at home. Throw away clothes that you haven’t worn in over six months, and for all those knick knacks, embrace Marie Kondo and ask “does this really bring me joy?” If it doesn’t, donate or sell to someone who’s likely to love it more than you do!

5. Play with colour and texture

Playing with different colours and textures can be an amazing way to create a gorgeous relaxation getaway within your home. Colours like blue, green, grey, violet and pink are known to reduce tension and bring inner balance and peace, so try bringing these colours into your home with art, blanket throws, cushions or even wall colours. 

Different textures like linen, muslin cloth, faux fur and wool can also offer sensory stimulation for a dreamy mindset.

6. Become a Plant Parent

Plants have become a BIG thing in recent years, with people turning their homes into jungles filled with Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, Devil’s Ivy, Fiddle Leaf Figs and any other kind of living green decor!  Fill your home with beautiful plants (or just have a few as accents) to help purify the air and provide a sense of living relaxation to your space. Caring for plants can often be therapeutic too, as it’s very calming and satisfying seeing them thrive by your hand!

7. Choose the right lighting

Try to avoid harsh, bright, white lights when relaxing at home. Dim the lights (or just have candle light) and focus on warm hues to relax your eyes after a hard day of staring at a screen. Your eyeballs need a break too!

8. Put on your favourite music

Finally, set the mood for your relaxation getaway by popping on your favourite music. Whether it’s smooth jazz, some ambient electronica or your favourite old school pop jams, relaxing at home is made much easier when some mood-boosting tunes are on. Enjoy!

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