The Latest Splashback Trends For 2024

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In the ever-evolving realm of interior design, the choices for kitchen splashbacks are as varied as the spaces they serve.  The trends shaping splashback design in 2024 are a harmonious blend of classic feel and contemporary flair.  You’ll find this in the colors, sought-after textures, and modern themes that can tie a whole kitchen together.  Let’s delve into the key elements shaping splashback design and style in 2024. 

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A Palette of Sophistication 

Image: Cosgrove 314 on display at Orana Clyde North

Image: Eden 294 on display at Smiths Lane, Clyde North

Image: Eden 294 on display at Aurora Estate, Wollert

Image: Elmhurst 294 on display at Peppercorn Hill, Donnybrook

The resurgence of natural elements throughout Australian living spaces have found another home in kitchen splashbacks.  Whites and soft whites find it easy to weave through changing trends.  Neutral tones continue to be popular, and there are modern twists available.  Variations can be subtle while adding depth and character to interior spaces.   Think creamy hues and warmer tones with highlights of gold, brass, black, or chrome, infusing them with a touch of luxury.  Earthy splashback tones, as seen in terracotta variations, warmer greys, and browns, create a harmonious connection to nature.  Opting for marbles like Carrara or Travertine brings sophistication, with luxurious finishes that complement a variety of design styles in the kitchen or extended living area. 

Adding Dimension and Character 

Image: Macedon 334 on display at Seven Creeks, Shepparton

Image: Marsden 394 on display at Kaduna Park, Officer South

Image: Mortlake 294 on display at Kaduna Park, Officer South

Image: Mortlake 294F on display at Merrifield Estate, Mickleham

Neither gloss nor matte finishes are preferential in 2024. Thankfully this gives renovators more options to suit personal design preferences. Matte products offer a sleek and understated aesthetic, there to compliment other elements which might stand out due to shape, room composition or colour. Gloss finishes display a sense of sophistication through their use of light and how it reflects different light sources – sun or globe – at different times of the day. Textured products have come to be transformative in elevating kitchen splashback design to new heights. Tiles with undulating, rustic, and embossed finishes can infuse spaces with personality and charm. This adds to their depth and visual interest in any kitchen theme. If you are going for a minimalist approach or embracing maximalism, textured splashbacks offer a focal point that can capture your attention or highlight an overall design style. 

Styling Trends: Striking a Balance 

Deeper cabinetry tones set the stage for kitchen splashbacks of neutral colors, creating a timeless harmony that’s more sophisticated. For natural and organic splashback textures to take center stage, opt for bolder styling choices such as gold tapware and luxury stones. Patterned tiles, reminiscent of encaustic-look tiles, make a statement, giving spaces personality and charm.  

Themes of 2024: Elegance and Chic 

Herringbone, Fan Shape and Subway tiles have consistently been popular choices for splashbacks in Victorian homes. Subway tiles are the most popular, riding one trend and into the next. Two themes emerge as trends evolve through 2024 – timeless elegance and contemporary chic. Natural stone products, particularly travertine and Carrara Bianco marble, take center stage, and have current and lasting appeal. Formats such as squares, kitkats (like the chocolate bar), and subway tiles dominate, allow for the creation of linear designs or traditional arrangements that stand the test of time. Elongated, curved mosaics, including Cascade, Picket, and Fan mosaics, will add a dynamic dimension to splashback design, infusing spaces with movement and rhythm. 

Lastly, the enduring popularity and current popularity of herringbone patterns continues unabated. Herringbone brings a sense of timeless sophistication to any interior setting, whether on the floor or walls.  

Image: Alexandra 294 on display at Berwick Waters, Clyde North


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