Styling Your Home with Artificial Flowers and Plants

April 2023 In Entertaining

When it comes to styling your home, artificial flowers and plants are becoming increasingly popular interior decorating choices. Thanks to their low cost and low level of maintenance, they are perfect for time poor individuals (or those who may not have a green thumb) looking to add colour and vibrance to their interiors.

Image: Balmoral 384 on display at Meridian Estate

Plus, purchasing real flowers regularly can be a costly pursuit and keeping indoor plants can involve a lot of maintenance. Flowers are often expensive and seasonal availability means you can’t always display the varieties you love.

Below are some great reasons to opt for artificial foliage when decorating your home.

Faux Plants and Flowers Last Longer

Artificial flowers can last many years, much longer than the maximum 12 days you will get from the real thing. If kept out of direct sunlight, artificial flowers will never lose their colour. In addition, faux foliage requires minimal care and never wilts.

Many flower and plant varieties are available in stores and online in a wide selection of fabrics and colours including polyester, plastic, silk, or velvet.

For a lifelike flower bunch, it’s often a good idea to spend a few extra dollars. Remember, faux plants and flowers can last a lifetime, so an additional investment now can ensure a durable, and realistic looking décor piece.

Image: Riverton 414 on display at Orana Estate

Image: Atherton 494 on display at Redstone Estate

An Ideal Choice for Allergy Safe Homes

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen; although most prevalent in spring, symptoms can occur all year and include skin and eye irritation, and sneezing.

Your furry friends can also get itchy and uncomfortable as irritating pollen spreads through the air, lands on the ground, and is walked through, irritating your pet’s paws and working its way onto their skin.

Keeping real flowers in your home can trigger these symptoms, so opt for an equally beautiful, allergy friendly bundle of artificial flowers instead.

They Require No Excessive Maintenance

Unlike regular flowers that leave a mess and require regular care, artificial arrangements look gorgeous all year with minimal upkeep.

Ensure your fabric flowers stay stunning by regularly dusting them. While a small amount of dust only requires a light wipe down with a dry cloth, heavier and more stubborn dirt may require a soft vacuum. Alternatively, hardier flowers coated in more dust will withstand a light soap and water bath.

Keep your flowers away from your pets and children to ensure they are not accidentally knocked over or used as a toy and keep them out of direct sunlight to prolong their original colour.

Ideal For a Bug Free Home

Regularly changing the water in your flower vase or indoor plant pot is a great way to keep their leaves fresh and prolong their life — it’s also the perfect way to attract bugs!

A lack of airflow and a collection of water can lead to humid air. Many indoor plants and flowers require a humid environment indoors to thrive, simultaneously attracting bugs that love the mould and mildew present in these conditions. If you have recently noticed an increase in the number of bugs in your home, it may be time to ditch your indoor plants.

Like flowers, there is a wide selection of artificial plants to keep your home looking fresh and vibrant without cracking open the bug spray.

Image: Santina 332 on display at Katalia Estate

Tips For Decorating Across Your Home

When decorating your space with artificial plants, there is an abundance of options available! As you would feature a real leafy plant in a large pot, the same can be done for your artificial foliage.

First, choose where you would like to display your plant. A hall table or chest of drawers are great options, however, incorporating colour into alternative spaces could be the key to brightening your home. Add a bundle of flowers to your guest bathroom as a perfect way to welcome guests or pick a calming shade of flowers for your bedside table for a fresh and friendly first sight in the morning.

Use artificial plants as a focal piece to fill a dead space; bare corners are the perfect place for a fern or tree, and hallways make the perfect place to add a large potted plant to provide balance. Experiment with a range of pots and display options, including planters of varying heights. If space is an issue hanging plant pots is another great option.

When considering how to use arrangements throughout your interiors, why not look for some inspiration across the Dennis Family Homes range of displays? Our designers style our homes using artificial plants and floral arrangements, and there is no limit to where artificial plants can be displayed — bathroom and kitchen benchtops, bookshelves, tables, and corners throughout your home.

Image: Onyx 242 on display at Meridian Estate

Use smaller potted plants and flowers to create vignettes — a small collection of home accessories displayed together and often placed on a tray or wooden board to provide a focal point. To create your own vignette, combine small décor pieces such as a candle, books, a lamp, and flowers or a small pot plant.

The colours used across your home can be reflected in the arrangements for a comprehensive and organic display. Use tones captured in your prints, soft furnishings and linens and incorporate these colours by introducing them into your floral arrangements to create a stunning and considered room.

It is now easier than ever to display flowers in your home all year round. By investing a small amount of time into finding the perfect artificial bouquet or faux plant, you can add a splash of colour to your interiors for years to come. Artificial plant varieties are simple to look after, cost effective, and — most importantly — beautiful.

Image: Onyx 242 on display at Carringum Ballarat

For more interior decorating tips, read more of our articles here. To speak to a Dennis Family Homes expert about building your dream home, contact us online or call 1800 336 647.

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