Shaker Style Features In Home Design

December 2023 In Interior Design

Whether it’s through neutral, earthy tones or the simplicity of their design, ‘Shaker style’ features can add a touch of class to any home. They can be found in almost any fixture, from panelled cabinets to granite countertops and wood-finished doors, enhancing the decor without stealing the spotlight.

Indeed, it’s no surprise that this style has found a unique place in modern homes. It’s easy to fit into any kind of interior design and—when executed properly—helps to simplify daily life. A lot of this has to do with the emphasis that the ‘Shaker style’ places on simplicity.   

Understanding the Shaker style

At its core, the Shaker style is about easy, functional design. Originating from the religious community of American ‘Shakers’, the style reflects their belief in simple living. No elaborate motifs adorn their furniture. Instead, clean lines, quality craftsmanship and minimalism are all hallmarks of the shaker style.

Subtle details are also common. You might see subtle curves, tapered legs and delicate wooden knobs—features that blend utility with aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, while contemporary approaches to the shaker style embrace a range of textures, natural wood remains a popular choice; the grain adds warmth and character to make up for the lack of decoration.

The allure of Shaker kitchens

Most kitchens rely on a straightforward layout where everything is easy to access, and this makes Shaker style features a great fit. For the busy cook, the uncluttered design of Shaker style cabinets can be a godsend, with full-extension drawers and built-in organisers that help keep everything in the right place. Rendered in soft colours like white and grey, these cabinets also match the decor of most kitchens, complimenting sleek, contemporary spaces as well as those that are more rustic.

Other Shaker features, such as wall-mounted shelves and freestanding tables, can also be a great benefit. They make spices and kitchen utensils easier to find and use, allow for quicker food preparation and add a touch of cosy charm to the home. Again, the focus here is on an understated design that stresses ease of use over unnecessary detail.

Other Shaker style features

With a rich, historical tradition to draw upon, there are a countless number of Shaker style features and fixtures, and they can be adapted to almost any interior. For instance, the budding homeowner could implement:

  • Doors: A simple design, with a flat panel surrounded by a substantial frame, best reflects the Shaker style. A crisp, white door can also work well for a modern home, but for the classic Shaker look, solid wood like cherry, maple or pine is always ideal.

  • Countertops: In contrast to traditional Shaker kitchens, the modern Shaker style often incorporates granite or quartz countertops into their design. What unites them is the use of neutral colours and plain, unadorned surfaces.

  • Flooring: Hardwood floors with a natural finish align well with Shaker traditions. However, plain tiles that have a simple, geometric pattern may also be worth considering.

  • Lighting: Pendant lights are a well-known feature of the modern Shaker style. While these hanging lights can provide stunning accents and ambience, chandeliers and sconces offer a similar effect, as well as a timeless, old-world quality.

Of course, the Shaker style isn’t just limited to these features, with a simple design ethos and muted palette that’s widely applicable. In fact, the versatility of Shaker style features is a big reason they’re so popular.

Blending the Shaker style

Blending the Shaker aesthetic into other styles of home design is easy enough to achieve. It simply requires a light touch, one that subtly incorporates Shaker influences into more contemporary trends.

Dennis Family Homes provides a prime example of how this can be done. Their Hartley design allows for grey Shaker kitchen cabinetry as an optional extra and it makes for a wonderful compliment to the home’s luxurious decor. The tiled flooring, ribbed tables and sliding glass doors are all unmistakably modern, but simple design pairs perfectly with subtle touches of the Shaker style.

Home decor is also an essential part of blending Shaker style features. White linen curtains, light blue wool throws or ceramic vases in gentle greens can all help bring a Shaker-inspired look together. Outdoor spaces can also be furnished Shaker style benches and tables, made with weather-resistant materials, blending the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly.

Build with confidence

If you’re interested in getting a home built that incorporates shaker style features, then Dennis Family Homes might be the home builders for you.

Like the Shaker style itself, Dennis Family Homes has been around for a long time. As a member of the Dennis Family Group, they’re backed by more than 55 years of home building experience and the financial security of their diversified assets in home building, land development, and other commercial and retail ventures.

This gives Dennis Family Homes the experience and longevity which are the hallmarks of any great home builders. You can rest easy, knowing that their heritage, homes and commitment to quality are here to stay.

To learn more about Dennis Family homes, feel free to give us a call on 1800 336 657 or contact us online. By speaking to our friendly team, you can experience our reputation for superior service first-hand!

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