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January 2024 In General News

Embark on the exciting journey of building your dream home with absolute confidence at one of our welcoming locations. Come explore our high-quality display homes, open to you seven days a week at Redstone in Sunbury, Harpley in Werribee and three new homes at Berwick Waters in Clyde North. Within each estate, discover a wealth of lifestyle and infrastructure options – from diverse land choices to excellent schools, town center shopping, meandering waterways, lush green parks, and so much more. Step inside our three display centers, where you can wander through at least two complete homes, inside and out, all featured in our premium Inspirations Series.


Our Inspirations Series homes not only come with superior standard inclusions and designer fixtures but also offer you the flexibility to customize various elements as you plan your dream build. Choosing Dennis Family Homes means building with confidence. Rest easy knowing that our heritage, our homes, and our unwavering commitment to quality are here to stay. For our customers, there’s comfort in entrusting the construction of their dream home to a 100% family-owned and operated company with over five decades of home-building experience. Dennis Family Homes is backed by significant and stable diversified assets from across our group of companies that includes land development and commercial property.


Berwick Waters, Clyde North

 Build in the welcoming community of Berwick Waters, where the estate gracefully spans wetlands, hugging the serene Cardinia Creek Conservation Corridor. With a capacity for 4000 residents, it’s more than just a neighbourhood—the masterplan will see it become a vibrant haven for families.

Your family’s dream home can be within arm’s reach of up to seven schools catering to all ages. Shop local in a meticulously planned Town Centre and find new friends at the bustling community centre. The sprawling sporting grounds and parks will keep the neighborhood feeling close to nature while providing healthy amounts of outdoor recreation. With over 9 km of walking and cycling paths thoughtfully woven into the Masterplan, every stroll becomes an opportunity to embrace the outdoor beauty that surrounds your home. Berwick Waters is less than 15 minutes south of the Monash Freeway to ensure seamless accessibility. Within a mere 10 minutes, you’ll find yourself at the centre of a shopping district that includes a Bunnings Warehouse, ALDI, international supermarkets, Kingswim Narre Warren, and a variety of other charming specialty retail stores. Land is currently available in the precincts of Upper Banks, Promenade Village and Emerald Bend.

Join us where amenities meet convenience, parks beckon with tranquility, and schools lay the foundation for a bright future. It’s more than a location; it’s a warm embrace waiting to welcome you home.


Open 7 days

11am to 5pm

Littleshore Crescent, Clyde North

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Redstone Estate, Sunbury

Nestled between the vibrant beat of Melbourne’s cosmopolitan CBD and the tranquil green embrace of Mount Macedon, the Redstone estate is more than just a location; it’s a canvas for crafting the perfect home for your family’s work-life balance. In the heart of Redstone’s future Sunbury South town center, a bustling hub awaits, promising a delightful mix of convenience and charm. From supermarkets to department stores, entertainment options to health and well-being services – it’s coming to Redstone, designed for your ease and enjoyment. Sunbury Central and the Sunbury train stations are just a quick 5-minute drive away, only 3.5 km up Sunbury Road. Choose from one of six charming neighbourhoods, each converging around Redstone Hill Park and community spaces. Here, the essence of community thrives, creating a central gathering spot for recreation and outdoor activities. Parks become more than just green spaces; they’re the heart of a welcoming and leisurely community. Redstone come with some significant cultural history, the legendary Sunbury Pop Festival unfolded along the borders of Panorama and Valley View neighbourhoods annually from 1972 to 1975. This festival, Australia’s Woodstock equivalent, not only launched iconic local bands but also played a pivotal role in the Australian music revival through pub rock.

Cement your family’s future home near this significant site of Melbourne’s music culture. Redstone offers not just a home but a vibrant and welcoming community where infrastructure, parks, and amenities weave seamlessly into the fabric of your everyday life. Land available across several stages primarily in The Sanctuary precinct close to Sunbury Road.


Open 7 days

11am to 5pm

5/7 President Rd, Sunbury

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Harpley Estate, Werribee

Harpley estate is a community that cares about both your family and the planet – the first community in Melbourne’s west to boast a remarkable 6-Star Green Star sustainability rating. Harpley, just 35 km southwest of the CBD, is already home to a vibrant community of residents who contribute not only to the immediate neighbourhood but also to the local areas of Wyndham Vale and Werribee. It’s more than a location; it’s a thriving community where connections blossom. Education takes center stage with two primary schools (one Catholic, one State) already opening their doors. The excitement builds as we look ahead to 2024 when secondary secondary and specialist schools are set to open, adding another layer of vibrancy to the local community.

Convenience meets accessibility with Wyndham Vale train station just a 5-minute drive away. Take the scenic route, hop on a bus at Blackforest Road, connecting you to both Wyndham Vale and Werribee train stations. Feel the pulse of the city with Melbourne’s CBD a mere 35-minute train ride away, bringing you to the bustling Southern Cross Station on Spencer Street. Harpley estate is not just a place to live; it’s a warm embrace of sustainability, community, and a future that you’ll be proud to call home. Very limited lots in at the Harpley estate are currently available. Secure your address in the 6-Star rated neighbourhood then design your dream home with Dennis Family Homes or one of the existing House and Land packages in the Harpley estate.


Open 7 days

11am to 5pm

Irvine Rise, Werribee

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Your home buying journey will be everything you imagined and more with Dennis Family Homes. Our team of builders, consultants, supervisors and contractors work seamlessly together to complete your future dream home. It’s how we’ve won many industry awards for high-quality building and innovative home designs. A family home is one of life’s most important investments. With Dennis Family Homes, have the confidence in knowing you’ll find a floorplan and orientation to suit your family comfortably all year round and for many years to come.

With over five decades of experience and backed by the diversified assets of Dennis Family Group Entities, we’re ready to help you build with confidence. Rest assured that our heritage, homes, and commitment to quality is here to stay with Dennis Family Homes.

For more information about Dennis Family Homes, including our history and our values, make an enquiry, or call 1800 DENNIS.


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