The Benefits of Window Treatments at Build Stage

February 2023 In Entertaining

There are so many benefits to having window coverings. Window coverings provide privacy, light control, security, create a fashion statement for your home and more. Well-designed and properly installed window coverings can reduce the amount of energy you need to consume in your home, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Here are our top reasons why window treatments are an essential:

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  • Sunlight Exposure

Window treatments will help stop direct light from entering through your windows, protecting your exquisite furniture from fading, reducing glare during the day and keeping your room cool at night.

  • Climate control

Window treatments help to control the climate in your home, keeping you comfortable all year round, with the right selection to suit your home.

Featured home: Balmoral on display at Woodlea Estate

Featured home: Cosgrove on display at Orana Estate

  • Adds Value to your home

Window treatments are more than just that wow-factor. They are a great way of adding extra value to your home as another high-quality finishing.


  • Enhances your décor

Window treatments make your home look great! They’re a fashion piece and can completely transform any room.

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What treatment should you choose?

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains create a soft, delicate ambience whilst allowing plenty of natural light into your home. Continuous Sheer Curtains are the ultimate in luxury and not to mention completely instaworthy!

The lightweight fabric softens or adds character to the look of a room and is a stunning choice for any home. Perfect for windows of all sizes, sheer curtains are a timeless classic that can beautifully complement or transform your home décor. Did you know you could motorise your curtains for that added touch of luxury or convenience in your home?  Speak to one of our colour consultants on how you could take your window treatments to the next level.

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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds, complement and enhance almost any home including contemporary, classic and period styles. Roller Blinds are easy to use and are one of our most practical window coverings available, making them a favourite for almost any decor. Choosing Sheer Roller Blinds and translucent roller blinds, give you day time privacy and the advantage of filtering natural light without losing your amazing views. Blockout fabrics provide room darkening and night-time privacy.


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Why order window treatments at build stage?

Window treatments are thought about just before you are due to move in, but it pays to think about them at the colour appointment stage to avoid costly oversights and ensure you’re going to have exactly what you want, conveniently packaged at build stage, saving you significant time and money.

Our experienced colour consultants will work with you to select the right window treatments for your home, to suit your home design choice, lifestyle and budget.

At Dennis Family Homes, we take care of everything from the correct measurements being provided for your window treatment as we know your home design plans well, to ensuring your check measure is completed and providing you with exclusive pricing, that we pass onto you as a volume builder.

At handover stage, you’re walking into your new home, ready to live in and create the memories to last a lifetime.


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