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May 2024 In First Home Buyers

What do the changes to the code mean?

The National Construction Code (NCC) sets out the requirements for the design and construction of buildings in Australia, to ensure a required level of safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability across future homes.

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has updated the NCC to strengthen minimum requirements for the energy efficiency of new homes and included new requirements for livable housing design. These changes make homes cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and more resilient to extreme weather.

From 1 May 2024, when the changes come into effect, all new home contracts from this date will be required to be NCC compliant.

What are the main changes in this update to the Code? 

Liveable Housing Design: The new requirements aim to significantly improve and provide more housing options for people with mobility constraints such as those with physical disabilities and older Australians making them easier to use and more adaptable to the changing needs of occupants over time, such as a stepless entry access point, wider doorways and more space and access in bathroom areas.

7-Star Energy Efficiency Ratings: The introduction of a 7-star energy rating from the original 6-star rating to increase thermal and energy efficiency. This may be through increased insulation such as window glazing and increased insulation across the home, more efficient hot water systems, rooftop solar panels and other measures recognised by the rating system. 

Improving overall energy usage within homes: Households are encouraged to look at reducing overall energy usage and improving energy efficiency across the homes through the review of appliances and heating and cooling.

 When will the NCC changes come into effect in Victoria?

1 May 2024. The changes apply to new homes being constructed. 

Do I need a new building permit if my home construction has already started? 

No. If a building permit was issued before 1 May 2023 then you do not need to start your project again to comply with NCC 2022.  You do not need to retrofit your home to comply with the new code. 

 How will these changes impact home designs?

To meet the new NCC guidelines, Dennis Family Homes has updated all of our designs and floorplans to comply. Along with changes to achieve a 7-star energy efficiency rating the new designs reflect a stepless entry point, wider doors and corridors, and easier bathroom access.

Additionally, to achieve a 7-star energy efficiency rating, homes will incorporate advanced features like double-glazed windows and solar power systems, enhancing energy consumption efficiency.

Who’s responsible for making sure new homes are built to the National Construction Code? 

Home designers, builders and administrators all contribute to new homes in Victoria by complying with the relevant code.  Administrative requirements of the code can be checked in the following processes as well: 

  • Plan submission and approval procedures 
  • Issue of permits 
  • Inspections and audits 
  • Relevant certificates

Learn more here: 

Housing Industry Association: NCC 2022 – National Construction Code

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