FAQs – National Construction Code Changes In Victoria

April 2024 In First Home Buyers

New homes will have improved access and energy efficiency under the changes. 

1. What are the main changes in this update to the Code? 

As a resident, you may notice the following changes: 

  • A minimum 7 Star energy efficiency rating will increase thermal and energy efficiency. This may be through increased insulation, more efficient hot water systems, rooftop photovoltaic solar panels and other measures recognised by the rating system. 
  • Livable housing design requirements will mean greater accessibility in homes. Some doorways will be wider, step-free access as standard., toilets and showers will be more accessible and bathroom walls reinforced. 


2. When will the NCC changes come into effect in Victoria?

1 May 2024. The changes apply to new homes being constructed. 


3. Do I need a new building permit if construction has already started? 

No. If a building permit was issued before 1 May 2023 then you do not need to start your project again to comply with NCC 2022.  You do not need to retrofit your home to comply with the new code. 


4.Who’s responsible for making sure new homes are built to the National Construction Code? 

Home designers, builders and administers all contribute to new homes in Victoria being in compliance with the relevant code.  Administrative requirements of the code can be checked in the following processes as well: 

  • Plan submission and approval procedures 
  • Issue of permits 
  • Inspections and audits 
  • Relevant certificates

Some of the processes above may be administered at a local government level.  The NCC has legal effect in Victoria through relevant State-level legislation. 

5. Will homes cost more to build under the new code? 

Additional and/or increased costs may come from the changes in construction and materials necessary to comply with the code.  This will depend on the style of home you choose to build and the features you plan to include before considering the new code. Energy-efficient homes are more cost-effective to heat and cool as climate control appliances are needed less often. We can help calculate the cost of your new home.  

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6. What’s the National Construction Code? 

 It’s “Australia’s primary set of technical design and construction provisions for buildings.”  The Australian Building Codes Board maintains and updates the code, which “sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of certain buildings.” Australia’s constitution doesn’t mention building standards or safety in buildings so these responsibilities have traditionally fallen to the State and Territory Governments. Following World War II uniform techniques across some States and Territories were agreed upon. 

In 1965 a building regulation committee that included all State and Territory administrators, the Interstate Standing Committee on Uniform Building Regulations, was created to cover building regulatory matters. Working together over subsequent decades, Australia’s building regulations were developed and the model redefined. 

In 2011 the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) were combined to create the National Construction Code. 

Learn more here: 

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7. What is the “livable housing design” in the NCC? 

 Houses built under the code will have more space in bathrooms, wider doorways and be ready for accessibility adaptations in the future, like adding grab rails.  The new requirements in the code are based on the Livable Housing Design Guidelines (silver level), published by Livable Housing Australia. 

Read more about livable housing design here – 


8. How often is the NCC updated or changed?  

The NCC currently operates under a 3-year amendment cycle. Dennis Family Homes has been adapting our home designs to comply with the changes since they were first announced. 

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