The Latest Flooring Trends For 2024

January 2024 In Entertaining

Step into style and elevate your home with flooring trends for 2024. 

Choosing the right flooring can significantly improve the overall aesthetic and function of your home.  2024 trends show a preference for herringbone pattern, lighter coastal colours and low-maintenance surfaces. 

Dennis Family Homes interior designer Gail Connor says, when designing your home’s interior, you should always be thinking of the floor surface’s colour, style, and durability.  “The right flooring for your home is key to comfortable living. Do you have a young family and high foot traffic to consider? “I sometimes use laminate flooring throughout a display and soften it with floor rugs in key areas, these products will last a long time so when you make your selection,” Gail said. “Keep in mind that you will be living with your choice for a long time and select a colour, style and material that you will love.” With Dennis Family Homes and Surfaces by Hynes you can combine traditional textures and colours with the demands of day-to-day family life.  Choose from an extensive range of flooring options available for your new home, including parquetry, engineered timber, hybrid and laminate. 

Parquetry flooring, laid in an intricate and versatile herringbone pattern, elevates the style of any interior space. The herringbone pattern, characterized by a distinctive V-shaped arrangement of rectangular wood blocks, adds sophistication and timelessness to the overall interior aesthetic. 

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 This form is getting attention from major designers who have included it in their Australian properties. New residential homes can easily replicate this timeless style with modern flooring materials that are waterproof and resilient. Herringbone parquetry is particularly well-suited for open areas where visual impact can be maximized. Whether installed in expansive living rooms, elegant hallways, or chic dining spaces, the flooring’s geometric patterns create a dynamic and engaging visual experience. Beyond aesthetic appeal, herringbone parquetry floors made from TimberTop® engineered timber boast durability and longevity, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.  


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Lighter tones for coastal vibes  

Lighter floors are regaining their well-deserved place in interior aesthetics. Among the trending tones, sun-kissed flooring variations are quickly gaining popularity, bringing a warm and inviting ambiance to living spaces that resonates through the rest of the home. Whitewashed styles and matt finishes have become particularly sought after, providing homes with a beachy, tranquil calming vibe. This adds freshness to interiors while helping to capitalize on natural light. In open and spacious environments, the lighter flooring is accentuated, as they play a crucial role in enhancing the perception of space.  

The strategic use of lighter hues in flooring aligns with the broader trend of embracing nature-inspired elements in interior design. It fosters a connection between the indoors and the outdoors, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. The current demand for lighter flooring options reflects a contemporary design mood that values not only aesthetics but also the minimal impact of living spaces. By choosing sun-kissed tones, whitewashed styles, and matt finishes, homeowners are not only staying on trend but are also creating environments that evoke a sense of openness, tranquility, and a connection to the natural world.  

Low maintenance and easy to care for 

Clients are searching for the ideal floor that suits their busy schedules or run-in-run-out lifestyle. Low-maintenance flooring offers water-resistant properties with a fresh colour pallet. Requiring little care, simply remove dust with a quick vacuum or sweep and finish with a dry or wet mop for a fresh, clean floor. Traditional tiles in ceramic or porcelain or more modern options – laminate, hybrid, or engineered timber – all give you textured styles that are easy to maintain. Gail Connor points to these flooring products as a cost-effective option to natural timber.  “Laminate and hybrid flooring is both realistic and very durable. “Unlike natural timber, it won’t mark easily and cleaning with a damp microfiber mop is quick and effective, so it’s well suited to a busy family.” 


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Flooring options at Dennis Family Homes featuring Surface by Hynes

Overall, ‘tiles’ are the most durable, environmentally sustainable, and healthy flooring option for your home. Choosing an appropriate tile relies on a combination of what you want it to, the look you want, and ultimately the budget available. Innovative tile technology allows for enhanced digital printing, meaning tile designs and finishes are more diverse than ever before. Tiles also keep a cool temperature on hot Melbourne days through the summer months.

Laminate is the perfect choice for families and busy households. It’s manufactured with a high-density fibreboard in both 8mm and 12mm ranges. Surfaces by Hynes have 40+ laminate options to choose from, on display at Dennis Family Homes, including long planks and wide boards.

The hybrid flooring collection was created to be extra durable in varied humid conditions and completely free of harmful chemicals. The collection is 100% waterproof and recyclable. Surfaces By Hynes’ Hamptons Collection of hybrid flooring is available in 6 colours in our Showroom.

Choose from an extensive range of timber species with unique hues and rich tones. All oaks are sourced directly from Europe and produced as a prefinished product. Get a solid engineered timber floor in a matter of hours, without the mess, disruption and toxic fumes that can come with a traditional solid wooden floor installation. TimberTop® uses timber that is planted to produce natural rubber as the base for products making this product range environmentally friendly. It’s easy to maintain with designer edges and world-class finishing.

With over five decades of experience and backed by the diversified assets of Dennis Family Group Entities, we’re ready to help you build with confidence. Rest assured that our heritage, homes, and commitment to quality is here to stay with Dennis Family Homes.

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