Get your home ready for Summer entertaining

November 2022 In Entertaining

After many months stuck indoors, it’s time to open the doors and windows and let the fresh air and sun in, spruce up the house and get it back in order in readiness for Summer entertainment.

In Spring and Summer you naturally spend more time outdoors, so to make the most of the warm months and create a pleasant space to relax for all, here are some tips to help you kick start your home entertaining plans.

Tidy up outside

After cooler months spent indoors, your outdoor spaces will need some love. Clean any outdoor furniture and cushions with a good wash and clean down any surfaces such as tables and benchtops. Replace worn cushions or give the space a quick update with some new low-cost pops of colour.

Wash down the sides of the house with a high-pressure hose and whilst you are there, check your outdoor lighting and replace as needed.

The barbecue may have been idle for a few months and most likely you will see signs of built-up grease and the creepy crawlies may even have set up home. Give it a thorough scrub or even a steam clean, and refresh grease trays and utensils ready for the months ahead.

Make sure your plants are ready for the heat, giving them a prune and some fertiliser to keep them in shape. Attend to the lawn and edges and top up any garden beds so the garden is looking refreshed.

Get the house ready

Warmer months call for utilising both indoor and outdoor spaces. With a few simple steps, you can ensure the house is ready for the long days of Summer. In the living room, dust or wipe down all the hard surfaces and wash or update your cushions and throws. Bring the garden inside with the use of some foliage or flowers, or cheat and add a faux plant to your styling. Other ideas include swapping out easy-care floor rugs for high traffic areas, or even artwork to refresh your space. There’s always lots of great inspiration online or in magazines for further styling ideas.

Clean your windows and curtains

You don’t want to miss out on making your outside view special, so give both the inside and outsides of your windows a spotless clean. All you need is a dash of soap, water and a clean cloth, or use window cleaner for a quick solution. Try to clean windows on an overcast day to prevent soap and water streaks. Don’t forget to clean the fly screens. This can be easily done by vacuuming the screen from the inside. Vacuum or wash the curtains and you’ll have the house sparkling again.

Make the pantry and fridge entertaining ready

Get a handle on your kitchen pantry and fridge by sorting out the contents and cleaning the shelves and binning any out-of-date food. After that, you can take stock of what you have and replenish your Summer basics ready for entertaining or when unexpected friends drop by. Don’t forget the add some extra drinks and freezer ready treats for the perfect cool down, or even better invest in a SodaStream to make your own low-cost drinks. Buy some fun, non-breakable cups and kitchenware for no-fuss entertaining.


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