Butler's Pantry Design Ideas

The butler’s pantry is a fantastic feature of any modern-day home. A well-designed butler’s pantry is both beautiful and practical, and of course, the perfect hiding spot for some of the more functional, less glamorous parts of your kitchen that you don’t necessarily want to display. Things like appliances, shopping bags, and even last night’s dirty dishes can all be easily hidden away in your butler’s pantry. It's almost too convenient!

The ability to store so many kitchen items out of view makes it easier to keep your main kitchen area clean and organised. As it's right next to the kitchen, the butler’s pantry also doubles as the perfect place for entertaining prep, so you can be the perfect host and be ready to entertain when your guests arrive.

When it comes to butler’s pantry design ideas, it's all about ensuring the space is practical for your family’s needs. Everything should have a place and you should be able to walk in and quickly find what you need. Most butler’s pantries will have a door, or be tucked behind or beside the kitchen so you cannot directly see inside. For this reason, you don’t necessarily need to have doors or cabinets in the butler’s pantry – open shelves are a fantastic option and make everything easier to find.

Other important butler’s pantry design ideas to consider are adequate storage and optimal benchtop space. You may use your benchtop to store appliances, prepare platters for a party, hide away dirty dishes, and even unload your shopping bags – your benchtop has many uses so needs to be as big as possible. When it comes to storage, and in addition to open shelves, drawers below the benchtop are another very smart choice.

Practical butler’s pantry design ideas that should not be overlooked include power points, lighting and luxuries like a sink or dishwasher. If you are planning to store several appliances in your butler’s pantry, then it is important to have adequate power points so you can use a few at a time. Being a small, often closed space, lighting is another important consideration. Downlights and LED strip lighting tend to work very well. And if you are blessed with the space, including a sink and/or dishwasher in your butler’s pantry will make life a whole lot easier.

Thankfully, many of our home designs include a butler’s pantry as standard, with the option of adding a sink and a dishwasher for your convenience.

While the butler’s pantry is ultimately a practical space, it can also make a bold design statement. We have plenty of fantastic butler’s pantry design ideas for you to explore, so start planning your dream butler’s pantry today!