Stair Design Ideas

While they may seem like a small component, your stairs deserve as much consideration as the rest of your home – they literally bring the two levels together after all! It goes without saying that your stairs should be both welcoming and functional. In some homes, the staircase is the first thing you see when you enter and therefore provides a great opportunity to make a statement.

There is no shortage of beautiful stair design ideas to explore. Luckily, we have a range of staircase options available for you to choose from depending on your style and budget.

There are many components to a staircase, but the main three to consider are the risers & treads (the steps themselves), the handrail, and the balusters. There are several stair design ideas that can be incorporated for each of these.

The ‘risers & treads’ are the actual steps on your staircase – risers run vertically and treads run horizontally. There are many stair design ideas to consider when it comes to the materials you select here. Generally, people choose timber or carpet to the risers and treads, but you could go for a combination of the two or even a carpet runner down the centre to get the best of both worlds!

Next is the handrail. First and foremost, this needs to be functional. It should provide a safe way for people to go up and down the stairs but should also look nice. There are many fantastic stair design ideas out there, but the most common choice is timber or metal railing.

Another key component of your staircase is the ‘balusters’ – the rods or columns that link the handrail to the bottom of the stairs. Again, there are several stair design ideas for these, but the most popular choices are timber, metal or even glass. A glass balustrade creates a very clean, modern look but may come at a bit of a cost (and be harder to keep clean with a young family!)

Incorporating stair design ideas like artwork and clever lighting can also make the world of difference. Why not make the most of the space under your stairs by adding a secret storage cupboard, shelving or pigeonholes, some wine racks or even a showstopping sculpture – it’ll be a real talking point and a great use of an otherwise wasted area!

From statement lighting to sculptures, we’ve got stair design ideas to transform your space into a passage that's both stunning and practical.