When you purchased your home, you would have chosen a facade type: ie. Classic, Boulevard, Resort etc.

This refers to the structure and style of the front of your home. Each facade is different, not only in style and design, but often in the materials used.

There are many parts that make up the facade of your home, as well as plenty of additional colour and material options available. Depending on the home you have purchased, some of these facade options will be included in the base price, while others will incur an additional cost should you choose to add them.

To help you better understand the various elements of a facade, we have highlighted some key terminology and optional features on the homes to the left.

Standard facade

A standard facade is typically brick finish, with no render or other upgrades included.

Upgrade options

There are a great number of facade upgrade options available, including render, stacked brick, wall tiling, Colorbond roof, flat profile roof tiles and many others. These are available on most homes depending on the facade you have chosen, and will incur an additional cost.