Facade Design Ideas

Your facade sets the tone for your new home and should pack some serious street appeal!

We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to homes, we can’t help ourselves. The facade provides a little hint at what’s to come and should make you excited to see inside. A stunning facade design can make an incredible first impression and really help set you apart from the rest of the street.

There are countless house facade ideas out there. Everything from bricks to render, tiles to cladding, garages and landscaping can be tailored to suit your style. You should love coming home to your dream facade every day!

At Dennis Family Homes, we have a range of facade options for you to choose from. These include the Classic, Resort, Provincial and Hamptons, to name a few. These facade options provide a very strong starting point for your house facade ideas – just pick your colours and you are away! Facade options like the Hamptons, also have a very strong overall theme, which can really help guide your colour and material choices, and even impact on your interior selections.

Arguably the most important house facade ideas with the biggest impact are the colours and textures you choose. Don’t be afraid to go bold with strong contrast colours and striking materials like stacked brick and wall tiles for added interest. Or why not consider a bold coloured front door to really make your façade stand out? Try to tailor the colours and textures to suit the surrounding landscape to ensure that your new home will look perfectly ‘at home’ in your new neighbourhood.

There are lots of house façade ideas to consider for the other key components of your facade, including your window frames, front door, garage door and of course landscaping. Each of these little details can have a huge impact on the overall look of your facade so you really want to get them right.

Check out our collection of house façade ideas for your new home, we are sure to have something to inspire you!