Dennis Family Homes Hits The Small Screen

October 2015 In General News

We’re delighted to share our new television commercial with you!

Here at Dennis Family Homes we know that there’s no better feeling than being able to create a comforting and spacious home environment for you and your family, and in our new commercial, it’s our aim to show you how we can help.

We’ve shared some of the aspects that we know will be invaluable when it comes to building a new home for any type of family including space to grow and areas to relax and bond with your loved ones.

Here’s a little more about why we consider these features so important…

A home that will grow as your family grows

Building a new home is an incredibly exciting endeavour because you have the unique opportunity of tailoring the design to suit your family’s exact needs. You can also plan for the future and outline any changes that might need to be made as your family evolves. At Dennis Family Homes we have mastered the art of designing functional homes that are perfect for families of every size.

For big families, we understand that space is paramount and we  can offer a home design that will give your children their own separate area. One idea to consider is a rumpus room that is serviced by its own separate bathroom. When the children are older this could be turned into a study, allowing you to work from home while providing a quiet place for the kids focus on their homework, not tucked away in bedrooms or at the dining table, but somewhere peaceful that is still connected to the main living space.

If you are a particularly generous parent with teenagers you could even create a separate lounge area. This will provide them with somewhere to entertain friends and have their own independence away from mum, dad and little siblings – not to mention give you some peace and quiet!

How a smaller home can bring a family together

For small families and single parent families, you may want to look for a smaller sized home but utilising space to benefit your nearest and dearest should still be top of the list. Multi-functional living spaces are perfect for smaller families as they can effortlessly accommodate a number of features without making the home feel cluttered. One example would be to add a reading or study nook in the corner of your lounge which can be used as a homework area for the kids or for your own admin tasks.

Our home designs always take room for storage into account. Free standing furniture like a large island breakfast bar in the kitchen can double up as a storage unit for books, music or DVDs and is an ideal way to encourage company while you are cooking. Instead of having plain walls isolating each room, we can help create as much extra space as possible with zones established by floor to ceiling shelving instead.

One storey houses and adaptable designs

Perhaps you are caring for an elderly family member or looking for a new house in which to retire in? Dennis Family Homes has just the ticket.

Positioning a master bedroom on the ground floor of a house has many advantages: one being long term living. Should mobility be an issue, having a bedroom on a lower level of the house with an ensuite bathroom means no stairs are necessary and the rest of the house is readily available.

Indeed, the elderly aren’t the only ones for whom stairs could be a challenge. Young children will also benefit from a downstairs bedroom or even better, a single storey house.

Many single storey houses are not only generous with their open plan living space, great for elderly and smaller families, but they also offer flexibility when it comes to design.  At Dennis Family Homes our designs will allow you to expand the living space if necessary. It’s simple to add a deck or patio to a one storey home and this will provide you with extra living space and a great area to bond with your family.

An outdoor area, whether you live in a one, two, or three storey house, is likely to receive a lot of use. Serving dinner alfresco is a great excuse for your family to get together, enjoy a bit of extra fresh air, catch up on the day’s events and soak up the tranquil garden view.

Whatever the size of your family, we can help you create a relaxed and easy living area that will fulfil your family’s needs both now and for years to come.

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