Knockdown rebuild, renovate, or move? That is the question.

January 2023 In Knockdown Rebuild

What are the benefits of a Knockdown Rebuild?

Knocking down your home and rebuilding can be an ideal way of achieving your dream home without having to compromise on your home design, which you often must do during the renovating design process.

You don’t have the stress of managing trades and material supply as you do when renovating, and more importantly knocking down and rebuilding means you don’t have to sell your existing home and move from your current neighbourhood.

In our opinion there are so many benefits to knocking down and rebuilding your home. Apart from the cost saving benefits of which we explain in a little more detail below, it means you can start fresh, select your perfect new home design and with the help of the Dennis Family Homes Showroom team and Knockdown Rebuild Specialist, tailor your home for your preferred style, functionality and lifestyle, while creating value in your home by maximising your block all without having to leave the area you know and love.

Another benefit with Dennis Family Homes is all Knockdown Rebuild customers have the opportunity to upgrade to $40,000* worth of luxury inclusions for just $6,990 when rebuilding a single storey and $7,990 for a double storey home – you don’t get this opportunity when renovating.

Luxurious inclusions package include:

  1. Smeg integrated dishwasher and Smeg appliances package
  2. Façade upgrades at no charge as part of a promotion
  3. On-trend black tapware in Kitchen and butler’s pantry
  4. A&L Boutique entertaining sliding doors
  5. Stunning free-standing bath
  6. Velux Fixed skylight
  7. Timber staircase

How much does a knockdown rebuild cost?

The total cost of a Knockdown Rebuild varies extensively and every single case is different. Key factors that affect the cost of the rebuild may include the new Dennis Family home design you choose (For example, are you rebuilding a Single or Double storey home?), the amount of work involved in demolishing your existing home and the amount of work involved in preparing your block, ready to start the new build.

There are many more factors to consider, however the cost to knockdown your existing home and rebuild is often offset when comparing the cost of renovating. Here are just some factors to consider:

  • You retain the equity in your land – the equity in your existing land title could allow you to redraw on your mortgage to finance your knock down rebuild, capitalising on the land value and the projected value of the home upgrade.
  • You save money by avoiding agent selling fees and government stamp duty.
  • Your new home is more sustainable and energy efficient, saving you money on household bills.
  • Your new home means less maintenance, saving you money on ongoing (and often unexpected) maintenance bills.
  • The value of your home increases – with careful planning and home design selection, you can maximise your block and building envelope, creating more value in your home.­
  • There are no hidden and costly surprises – unlike renovating, knocking down and building a new home creates certainty. Once you sign your Dennis Family Homes contract you know what your costs are. There are no hidden ‘unknowns’ behind the plaster sheeting, above the ceiling or under the floor, which often occur when renovating an older property.


What steps are involved in the knockdown rebuild journey?

Knocking down and rebuilding a new home is an exciting venture and we understand it can often be a lengthy and daunting process, however the experts at Dennis Family Homes means someone is there to guide you every step of the way.

There are many stages to the knockdown rebuild process, each with its own set of tasks. The seamless and transparent Dennis Family Knockdown Rebuild step-by-step process is.

  • Free site inspection
  • Design consultation
  • Initial deposit
  • Confirmation
  • Prepare for demolition
  • Town planning & report
  • Showroom appointment
  • HIA contract signing
  • Building permit application and demolition
  • Construction

For more details on each step of the knockdown rebuild journey, download our Knockdown Rebuild brochure or click here to read our news article.


Feeling inspired to knockdown and rebuild in 2023? Talk to a Knockdown Rebuild expert today.

We have no doubts in our mind, if there are no restrictions in your local area, knocking down and building new is the way to go and from our experience it’s never too early to start planning your knockdown rebuild.

Click here to start talking to one of our dedicated Knockdown Rebuild Specialists or learn more by downloading our Knockdown Rebuild brochure here.

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