Warm Up at Home This Winter

July 2024 In Interior Design

Make living at home warm and cozy throughout winter with a new colour palette, winter décor, and styling tips. Keep your home beautiful with an interior design scheme that sparks joy throughout the cooler months.

This season’s colours
The Dennis Family Homes Interior Design Team suggests gravitating towards “deeper, warmer colours”. “Like in fashion, interior colours trending in summer are light and fresh because the temperature is hotter, while in winter colours tend to get darker and warmer,” they say.

“We are seeing a trend back to the earthy tones, with popular colours for the season including brown, tan, creams, and there’s still a lot of green around.” This season’s colours include dark red, crimson, burgundy, and warm terracotta. Pair these cozy, warm tones with your favourite shade of green. As modelled in nature, green and brown pair well together regardless of tone or hue.

“Decorating your home with plants is a great way to add green indoors,” our Team says. “Green leaves go with everything and add depth and life to the space.”

Incorporate more colour inside without the commitment of painting or reupholstering by selecting small décor pieces to swap as the seasons change, like a vase, plant pot, or placemats. Increase the warmth in your living and family rooms with seasonal cushion covers. Our Interior Design Team recommends purchasing cushions with zip-off covers that can easily be changed and cleaned. “We also lean towards heavier fabrics, so if you’re using a throw on a sofa, you might go for a knitted throw, or a woolen throw like a mohair,” they say.

Find the perfect floor plan
The Alexandra 29 showcases easy living from the entryway to the living room. Its single-storey design includes four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is suitable for lot widths of 14 metres. The floor plan includes a large entry, a formal living room, and an option to add a study instead of a games room.

A spacious double-vanity ensuite and walk-in robe are included in the master suite as standard. Located at the rear of the home is a large entertaining hub, with a meals area, family room, and kitchen. Adjoining the hub is an alfresco living and dining space, accessible through the large sliding doors.

The Alexandra 29 display in Ballarat has been styled with the Classique theme, a neutral palette that makes the perfect canvas to adorn in seasonal colours, patterns, and textures. This equally timeless and modern theme pairs cool grey kitchen and bathroom tiles with a consistent base of white and cream paint colours, and light wood cabinetry.

Visit the Alexandra 29 display now at Lucas Estate in Ballarat.

Open every day from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Love home living and styling
In a single-storey Dennis Family home two or three living spaces are standard. “One living space tends to be more formal,” our Interior Design Team says. “That might be somewhere the kids don’t go as often, while the family room is where the whole family congregates.”

The Alexandra 29 includes three living areas: a games room, a living room, and family room. Located in the entertaining hub, the family room sits only metres from the kitchen and meals area. It’s the perfect place for children to play and watch television while you cook or work in the open space. “When you’ve got children, you should consider your surfaces,” the Team says. “Darker colours can lend themselves quite well to a family because they’re not going to show marks and stains as much as lighter colours.”

Furnish your second living room as a formal space or ‘conversation room’ where you can sit with friends away from the rest of the household. Side tables are a practical addition to any formal living space as they are necessary for holding drinks and snacks. The Interior Design Team notes that floor rugs are great to warm up the space. “You should always consider who’s going to use the room when selecting a rug. High traffic areas need something cost-effective that kids can play on – something that doesn’t have a lot of texture and pile.” Placing a runner in the entryway adds immediate warmth to your home. Place a small bench or cabinet by the door within easy reach for your keys and other essential items.

The Alexandra 29 includes an allocated study option instead of the games room. Use it to work from home or as a children’s study area fitted with task lighting, essential for a perfectly lit and practical space. “Desk lamps would be really useful in winter as you might be using the study more when it’s dark,” the Interior Design Team says. “These days you’ve got people working from home and kids doing homework, so creating a space that can be adjusted for the user is really important.”


Invest in quality
When searching for furniture and décor for your home sweet home, our Interior Design Team recommends prioritising longevity. “Fabrics with some wool content often tend to be quite durable. The same with cotton,” they say. “You can have a mix of wool and synthetic or cotton and synthetic.”

Great bargains can be found at op-shops and second-hand retailers. These pieces often only need minor fixes to create high-quality furniture that will last longer than something you could purchase brand new. When you do purchase new homewares, pay attention to the quality and sturdiness of the item. For example, glasses can be bought from anywhere, but if you’re searching for a cost-conscious option, look for drinking glasses that are thick and won’t crack as easily.

Build with confidence
Contact Dennis Family Homes to design and build your ideal family home in Victoria. With a track record of constructing over 30,000 homes since 1982, we stand as one of Victoria’s leading home builders. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the significance of your project. Our principles of honesty, integrity, and care influence every decision. We’re backed by the diversified assets of Dennis Family Group Entities, including home building, land development, and commercial and retail ventures.

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