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Marsden 323B - Verve Glass

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Hastings 293 - Boulevard

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Marsden 323B - Verve Glass Hastings 293 - Boulevard


Searching high and low for the perfect display homes? Officer South is where you’re likely to stop hunting. That’s because the display homes in Kaduna Park are so stunning, they’re sure to sweep you off your feet.

But it’s not by coincidence that display homes in Kaduna Park are so special. Our expert team has meticulously designed each display home. They’ve put careful consideration into the major decisions and finishing touches. It’s only with this amount of effort that we can be sure you’ll come home to a place you’ll love for years on end.

The display homes in Officer South bring the Australian dream to a reality. All your ‘dream home’ desires, wants and needs can come to life. It’s all within your reach.

By placing equal focus on the excitement and joy that hosting family and friends brings – as well as recognising the importance of a home where you can unwind and relax at the end of the day – you can achieve the perfect life balance. And we’ve decided to share that discovery with you.

Beyond the display homes, Kaduna Park has many enticing offerings for home owners. Think creeks and parklands, lush native wetlands, shops and entertainment just down the road.

As a new resident, you’ll also be pleased to know that Kaduna Park estate has put sustainability top of mind. Each home will support environmentally conscious living in accordance with specialist’s recommendations.

Visit our display homes in Kaduna Park, and we promise that it won’t be hard to imagine your life beginning in this gorgeous estate.